IN THE SPRING OF 1994, National Emmy Award-winning journalist Gail Harris began a meditation practice that changed her life.

Four years later, she created the Body & Soul series for PBS, which every week brought stories of holistic health and spirituality to millions of television viewers in the US and around the world.  As the series host and author of the companion book, Gail wanted to know: Who are we, really, as humans?  Why are we here?  Is a rich and fulfilling life even possible, and if so, how do we create it for ourselves? 

As journalists often do, Gail found a wide range of answers as she read hundreds of books, interviewed countless spiritual leaders and authors, and began — step by step — creating a happy and fulfilling life for herself.  

Her passion for helping others find their way to happiness has now inspired a powerful and entertaining  novel, Finders Seekers.




Gail's Body & Soul TV series for PBS was awarded a coveted "Freddie" in 2001 when it won first place in the TimeLife Inc. International Health and Medical Media competition.