FINDERS finders_seekers_152x200pxwSEEKERS

Network TV correspondent Shannon Tyler didn’t have time to consider life’s biggest questions… until scheming colleagues and a management change send her promising career into a nose dive. Shannon retreats first to London and then the Cotswolds to start over, where she is rocked by flashes of another lifetime and a puzzling but powerful connection to her charismatic landlord. As her life seems to fall apart again, a desperate Shannon has to let go of everything she thought was true in her search to discover who she really is. Reconnecting with the mysterious teacher she met on assignment reveals profound insights and spiritual tools to rekindle her intuitive abilities, claim her power, and provide the road map for the life she was born to live.

Finders Seekers weaves a riveting personal story around guidance on how to find your voice and claim your power in life. In the Age of Empowerment this is more than a story of awakening; it's a road map to an empowered lifestyle.

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bodyandsoul_shdw2_gry_152x200BODY & SOUL

A companion volume to the national award-winning PBS series of the same name, Body & Soul features the health wisdom of bestselling authors Andrew Weil, Christiane Northrup, Larry Dossey, Jon and Myla Kabat-Zinn, and many other leading teachers, healers, and authors. The book contains extended interviews with the experts along with the personal stories of otherwise ordinary individuals who have managed to achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual health in a variety of ways.  Photos of these practices throughout.

Gail's Body & Soul series was awarded a coveted "Freddie" in 2001 when it won first place for Integrative Medicine in the TimeInc. International Health and Medical Media competition.

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